Anytime some data is uploaded to a cloud hosting account or downloaded from it, some traffic is produced and this is an aspect that each hosting plan includes. It's also one of the characteristics you should check out, because how much site traffic quota you will need is dependent upon the things you need the account for. The website traffic is primarily generated by downloads including web site visits. Basically, whenever somebody visits your website, the pages are downloaded from the server to his or her computer system and they're subsequently shown by their internet browser. It is of course important to be aware that uploads are considered too, so that whenever you duplicate larger files from your computer to the server, some web site traffic will be generated too. Different providers may have different names for this specific feature, for instance traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, yet all of them apply to the exact same thing - the amount of incoming & outgoing information produced for a given period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Cloud Hosting
All of our Linux cloud hosting packages are perfect for any type of small-scale or medium-sized website and even a larger variety of web sites. Considering that you can host numerous domain names in one account, we've designed our plans in a way so as to supply all features you'll need. Regardless if you run a private portfolio web site or an eCommerce web site, our monthly website traffic allowance that your web site can use won't be a problem. Thus, you will have the opportunity to extend your online presence and acquire a lot of new site visitors without worrying about getting to some limit. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel gives you detailed info about the traffic usage to and from your account, that will allow you to take care of your sites as well as the account much better. You will be able to check monthly, daily and hourly results, the website traffic produced by each domain and by the account altogether, the most downloaded files, etcetera.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The monthly traffic feature of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages is unrestricted, or as a number of companies describe it, unmetered. In fact, we keep track of the volume of uploaded and downloaded content for each account, still we will never set a limit, so your sites can grow and get more website visitors. We provide you with in-depth info what's going on in your account to allow you to control your websites more effectively and to have an idea how they function. You're able to observe the traffic produced by each web site and the most downloaded webpage or file. The stats are hourly, daily and monthly. In a constantly-developing worldwide web world, you can get very many new site visitors with just a single advertising campaign, so by supplying a really unlimited package, we will make sure that you will not lose customers because your account can't take care of the traffic.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting
Using a dedicated server, you'll have a very powerful hosting product at your disposal and the website traffic allowance you will get suits all of the other features. Your server will be able to generate terabytes of traffic monthly, thus irrespective of the type or number of web sites that you host, you'll never have to worry about them being unavailable due to not sufficient website traffic. To be on the safe side though, we'll give you the opportunity to upgrade this feature if required. We will inform you well in advance if you get close to the restriction, so that you'll have the chance to upgrade or lower the traffic by optimizing your info avoiding any disruption of the work of your web sites. You are able to monitor the consumed and remaining website traffic for the present month through the control panel that we provide. The data there contains all incoming & outgoing transfers, like software installations and / or updates. In comparison, a hosting Control Panel offers more detailed data, but only for the site traffic to and from a hosting account, not the server as a whole.