You could quickly set up a beautiful and efficient individual or company web site employing the Free Of Charge Website Building Instrument, integrated into the Web Control Panel. It won’t require any sort of HTML or CSS comprehension from you. You may create your own site without having to create a single line of program code. You can choose between more than a hundred website themes that could be quickly customized via the uncomplicated online manager. Once ready, you’ll be able to launch your website in seconds simply by clicking on the “Publish" button. Should you ever need guidance, you can communicate with 1st Hosting’s 24–hours–a–day support group, take a look at our how–to posts or watch the available set of video lessons.

An Easy–to–use Website Builder

No development expertise is called for

Using the Website Builder incorporated into the Web Control Panel, it will be easy to launch your own personal site with easy point and click steps. Making use of the built–in editor, you can quickly insert brand new webpages, handle active ones, alter the look of your site, etcetera. If you have ever made use of an application or something similar to Word or Excel, then you definitely know exactly how to take advantage of the Website Builder.

And the best part – you don’t need to know how to design and develop a website and will not have to employ or know any HTML, CSS as well as PHP. Of course, if you need help, you can check out the descriptive assistance articles and video tutorials.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Different Website Design Templates

Over 1 hundred web themes to choose from

1st Hosting’s Website Builder tool comes with a selection of more than one hundred exceptional design themes. They’re created to address the most popular kinds websites – blogs, private sites, portfolios, online stores etc. All of our freely available themes will come with many color alternatives as well as 2 different design varieties.

At anytime, you can easily replace the theme of your website with a new one, or change the coloring setup. All the web pages you’ve created will be saved and your web site will be refreshed with the design in minutes.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Training Videos

Find out how easy it is actually to set up a site

Our Website builder is without a doubt user friendly, yet, in order to be getting the most from the web application, you will need some guidance and practical knowledge. To let you reach the best results, we’ve organized several instructional videos dedicated to the various characteristics offered by Site Studio.

The video lessons will enable you to much better discover how to handle the website software.

Video Tutorials