We have included a collection of Marketing Tools in your Web Control Panel that will help easily market your sites on the web. The sitemap generator may help you obtain a detailed sitemap of your site. Furthermore, you’ll be able to distribute that sitemap to search engines to list your website. The RSS News publishing tool will allow you to produce regularly refreshed content material on your home page so you’ll get greater chances to rise high in search results. At the same time, we have bundled a GeoIP re–direction instrument that will let you approach your customers a lot more accurately according to their geographic location.

A Sitemap Generator

Make a sitemap with all your webpages in a click

The fastest way to get your newly launched web site listed in the search engines is to publish a sitemap. The sitemap lists all of the pages within your web site and by posting it to a search engine, you notify it that you like those pages to be listed as quickly as possible. Sitemaps are often created by third–party tools. However, with 1st Hosting, you do not need to move from the Web Control Panel. Our inhouse developed Sitemap Generator is incorporated into the Advanced Resources area and is going to complete a sitemap for you in a click of the mouse.

Everything you should do is select the max number of pages you would like to be listed, the depth of the listed hyperlinks and also the format of the sitemap file.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Location–focused redirections with only a click of the mouse

1st Hosting provides you with an excellent way to reroute your users on the basis of their whereabouts. With the GeoIP redirection tool, you can redirect all of the visitors who arrive from a particular region to a native language version of your site. For example, if you have an Italian translation of your web site, you can easily direct all the customers coming from Italy to that particular web page rather than asking them to change to Italian as soon as they open the English variant. This enables you to provide website visitors with a user–friendly on–line stay from the beginning.

There’s no need for virtually any particular capabilities or technical experience to work with the GeoIP re–direction tool. Everything is configured with only a click of the mouse.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Display the latest publications on your website

In the 1st Hosting Web Control Panel, we have included a tool, which lets you include news from the most well–known media channels on Earth in your web sites, with just a click. Our News Syndication application operates on auto–pilot and will not require any extra setup work on your end,

The RSS News Publication module is fully customizable with regards to HTML and CSS. You could change the number of publication pieces that will be presented, the way they will look like, precisely how they will be ordered, etc.

RSS News